Mlle B. aime beaucoup son nouveau moyen de portage, même si elle l'aurait préféré en rose.

Barbie porte son bébé en JPMBB.


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  1. Kaden dit :

    You mean I don’t have to pay for expert advice like this an?eromy!

  2. dit :

    Now if only YouTube would stop abusing our fair rights of artistic appropriation and reuse!I suspect that the new book, Watching YouTube: Extraordinary Videos by Ordinary People (University of Toronto Press, 2010), will be of interest to you.Dr. Strangelove

    • Louisa dit :

      The forty pocket MiPhoto for us – with six grnsd-graetparenta, four grandparents, six aunts and uncles and an assortment of cousins – our little girl has a lot of family to get to know! A picture pocket display in her room would be really helpful in memorising all those names :)

    • http://www./ dit :

      Wolke, selbst wenn du den Counterwar gewinnst (also z.B. gegner spielt was du spielst counter gegner counter auf counter du nochmal counter auf das zu erst gespielte) kannst du den einen unnötigen counter entfernen.Ausserdem ist er vor Schadensbasiertem Removal relativ sicher.Wer will schon einen Bolt auf den Schiessen, wenn der Gegner dann einfach einen beliebigen Spell (z.B. Daze) spielen und exilen kann?

    • Parfyremad, quite right, it's not as though there were a dearth of beachy tropicals. The plus about this one, apart from being geared towards Nuxe fans, is that it can be picked up at the same time as aspirin!

    • Woah, Brian, where have you been living? I’ve yet to find a greasy spoon-type that doesn’t have gravy for the chips (although the quality of the gravy varies hugely). Chips and gravy was a teenage staple. They even had it at the TAFE college I went to last year (shitty gravy).

    • http://www./ dit :

      dem! bro gua tak pandai photoshop lightroom pandai lah…haha tapi ko pernah kene rembat dengan marten 8 holes ada steeltoe kat depan tak?Bean Moreno recently posted..

    • You've written about a leg injury from a number of year's ago. Is the bike comfortable for you to ride since the injury? I'm almost in the same position as you with old injuries that keep me from running or doing a lot of distance walking.

  3. http://www./ dit :

    BION I’m impressed! Cool post!

  4. http://www./ dit :

    It’s great to find someone so on the ball

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